Milwaukee Tools

About Milwaukee
Milwaukee manufactures a wide range of heavy duty tools that have been trusted by builders, plumbers, electricians, and hobbyists for nearly 100 years. From their cordless power tools to tool storage, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Milwaukee: they are heavy duty, built to last, and designed with innovative technology. Milwaukee tools help you work faster and with less effort, improving your working efficiency while reducing exhaustion. Whether you plan to build a full collection of Milwaukee power tools or need a few additional accessories for your existing toolbox, you’ll find every Milwaukee tool at Acme Tools.

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Types of Milwaukee Tools
Milwaukee has an extensive line of durable and versatile tools including cordless tools (which include the infamous M18 and M12 cordless tool lines), corded tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, outdoor power equipment, tool storage and organization solutions (including the popular and highly demanded PACKOUT system), safety wear/gear, lighting solutions, tool accessories, non-heated gear, and heated gear. Milwaukee’s tools are backed by an impressive warranty program.

Why Buy Milwaukee Tools?
Paired with these trusted power tool sets and accessories, there's no reason to hide an affinity for the brand. Choose the tools that fit your needs based on their power, performance, and function. There are options for builders, electricians, plumbers and home repair experts. Find out for yourself why so many professionals trust Milwaukee.
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