Milwaukee Cut-Off Saws

Milwaukee® cut-off saws are one of seven lines of Milwaukee electric saws that provide industry-leading power performance and cutting precision. The cut-off saws are designed specifically for masonry, concrete and metal. Milwaukee cut-off saws include both handheld cut-off saws for free-form work and free-standing, abrasive chop-style cut-off saws for cutting pipe, pavers and other material to length. Both saws, like their companion Milwaukee circular saws, have spindle-locking blades with lock button for quick and easy blade changing and blade-depth adjustment.
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Hand-held Milwaukee metal cut-off saws have 15-amp motors that put out a max 4.8 hp. The saw wheel has a downward cutting rotation, letting you pull the saw through the cutting line, minimizing kickback and keeping the sightline clear of debris and sparking. Handheld Milwaukee metal cut-off saws have a cutting depth of up to 4-7/16 inches and come with an overload protection device that trips the panel breaker fuse, not the tool itself, so you can just plug the saw back into another outlet to minimize downtime. The saw is also easy to handle, with an angled, oversize side handle and a two-finger, one-pull trigger on a textured grip.

Milwaukee abrasive cut-off saws are also powered by 15-amp motors. The saws provide precision cutting on pipe, track, rebar and angle iron. These chop-style Milwaukee cut-off saws have a cutting depth of five inches and a miter capacity of 45 degrees so you can easily prepare structural elements like metal framing and patterned pavers in addition to foundation rebar. The saws have ample cutting stability, with quick-adjust, lock-down vise clamps to secure cutting material and cast feet with overmolded rubber to prevent skidding. Milwaukee abrasive cut-off saws also come with wide wheel guards to protect you from the cutting debris kicked out by masonry, concrete and metal.

Milwaukee cut-off saws are an important line of cutting equipment that also includes Milwaukee jig saws, reciprocating saws, bandsaws, circular saws, miter saws and panel saws. Check out the company's cut-off saws to see how all seven lines of Milwaukee saws are essential equipment in any professional's power-tool arsenal.
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