Milwaukee Corded Power Tools

Milwaukee® corded power tools cover all phases of any job in the home or on the construction site. Each device is engineered with innovative, industry-leading technology that delivers professional-grade power, performance and durability. Milwaukee has long been a pioneer in power-tool technology, starting with Milwaukee saws that included the first reciprocating saw and tilt-lok™ circular saw technology.
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Milwaukee electric power tools are cutting edge because Milwaukee adapts its tools to the constantly changing demands of the workplace and the professionals who work there. It ensures that jobs are done efficiently and ergonomically and that tools last a long time. All lines of Milwaukee corded power tools have different amp and horsepower ratings to fit specific task and job applications, with industry-leading clutch, torque, rpm, CFM, SFPM and tool-blade ratings. All power tools have easy-grip rubber handles or barrels, as well as ergonomic control switches and triggers that can be locked in at single, dual or variable speeds. These power tools are constructed with durable materials, including metal housings clad in nylon resin.

Milwaukee corded power tools include more than 500 separate models and 3,500 accessories to go with them. Milwaukee makes power tools that cut, drill, fasten, finish, demo and clean, with a full line in each category. For instance, Milwaukee drills include standard, right-angle and joist and stud-hole drills. But Milwaukee electric drills also include electromagnetic drill presses and diamond coring tools for drilling through masonry. Cutting tools consist not only of jig, band, circular, panel, miter and rip saws, but also routers, shears, nibblers and cutting wheel grinders. Finishing tools include grinders and polishers, as well as sanders that are part of the line of Milwaukee woodworking power tools. Fastening tools include Milwaukee impact wrenches and screwdrivers for decking, flooring and framing, as well as heat and caulking guns.

Check out any single power tool, and you'll understand why professionals choose the Milwaukee line to outfit their arsenal of tools and why they always come back to the company to add more.
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