Makita® manufactures easy-to-use power tools for home DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their tools are lightweight, and you can use them all day long with little effort.

Makita hand tools include wrenches to change out various options on your power tools and caulking guns for sealing cracks. The company also includes heavy-duty toolboxes to keep tool collections secure on the job site. Cement pours turns out right with Makita concrete tools such as vibrators that shake out air bubbles as the material sets to increase structural integrity. Masonry saws and replacement blades allow you to cut precise segments of concrete for blocks or other purposes.

Makita power tools accomplish virtually every task on a home project. High-speed drills and drivers create holes and install fasteners where you need them. A vast array of saws and hammers, such as the AVT™ line, cut anything from wood to metal for carpentry, demolition and more. For hobby crafts or finely made production work, use a multi-tool with replaceable heads or a router when you need to cut from above, such as detail work for doors. Use their portable sanders to wear your carpentry work gradually down to a smooth surface and to prepare it for staining. ...Read More...

Makita air compressors can run pneumatic tools in your shop, or you can add extra-long hoses to reach inaccessible places at your work site. They come with regulators that let you safely deliver air to paint sprayers, weed killer dispensers or even just to inflate the tires on your car.

Makita cordless tools such as its popular LXT® line are convenient and comfortable. They reduce your work time so you can finish your job on time and with outstanding results at any location.

Power up with Makita tools and experience their high-performance capabilities for yourself.
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