Log Splitters

Take the hard work out of chopping firewood with high-performance log splitters. Why struggle with a heavy maul when you can let one of these powerful tools do the work for you? Purchase one of these machines for your farm, homestead or job site, and split logs faster, more easily and more accurately.
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For everyday applications, our electric log splitters will get the job done. Streamlined and lightweight, these log splitters will run off ordinary outlets and split most logs with relative ease. We also offer an attachable stand to raise our electric log splitters to a comfortable working height.

If power and portability are a factor, our gas log splitters are the right tools for the job. With up to 27 tons of splitting force, these products are ideal for splitting tough logs, and their larger beds allow them to accommodate longer logs than the electric models. Built-in tow hitches allow these log splitters to go wherever the logs are, and they don't need an outlet to run. That makes these powerful tools the right choice for working in isolated areas where electric power isn't readily available.

If you appreciate the warmth and brilliance of a traditional wood fire, a log splitter is one of the most important pieces of outdoor power equipment you can buy. Not only will it ensure you have a steady supply of firewood to last you through the colder months but it will save you the exhausting and time-consuming labor of splitting logs by hand.

When choosing a log splitter, think carefully about where it will be used. Electric log splitters work well for homes and for smaller jobs, while gas splitters are designed for heavy duty work in remote locations. Whatever your application, have a look at our wide range of log splitters, and find the right option for your needs.
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