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Since 1857 Klein Tools have manufactured some of the most reliable products on the market, and they still do today. Their commitment to quality shows in their tools' durability and the fact that they make the vast majority of their products in the USA.
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Klein electrical tools include a wide variety of meters and testers, as well as tabs for lock out tag out procedures. Their pulling tools let you run cable or wire quickly and with little fuss. You can punch conduit holes in circuit panels up to 10-gauge steel with their easy-to-use and powerful knockout punches. Klein gloves protect your hands from shocks while you work with electricity. Their innovative thermal plastic rubber, or TPR, finger protection defends you from impacts from hammers or other tools.

Klein hand tools let you make quick adjustments to your wires, cut a length of conduit, install panels or switch plates and accomplish a variety of other tasks. Their saws, screwdrivers, wire cutters and strippers and more can finish virtually any home or professional electrical project. Klein drill bits let you make holes in wood, metal and more for running wire or conduit. Their auger bits have screw tips for accurate starts. When you need to make holes of multiple sizes, Klein Unibit™ step drill bits each have several tiers of varying size. These bits include Spearpoint™ tips that provide you with starts up to six times faster than with similar bits.

Klein Tools help you get your electrical projects done on time and with outstanding results. Most of their products enjoy a warranty against defects for the normal life of the product, with others covered for at least one year. Check out our selection of Klein Tools before you start your next project to make sure you get optimal results.
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