Irwin Power Tool Accessories Blades

IRWIN® power tool blades have the versatility you need to cut through all sorts of materials. Whether you want an Irwin 14-inch blade (or larger) to cut through wide stock or a specialized blade to help you cut grooves, you can find what you need right here.
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When used in a table saw, Irwin 10-inch blades provide the durability to withstand many tough materials. Your saw may require a larger or smaller blade. Determine which size you need for your tool, and find one that addresses the specific needs of your project. The key to efficient performance with Irwin power tool blades, like all blades, comes down to two aspects: body composition and tooth design. Blades with high levels of carbon have harder overall structures, and they effectively withstand tough projects. The design of the teeth also plays a major role. Some Irwin 12-inch blades have carbide tips that slice through fiber cement while others have laser-cut teeth that quickly cut through metal.

Of course, you may not need a circular blade at all. You may want Irwin reciprocating saw blades for more advanced cuts, including cuts in walls or floors. These straight blades also fit between materials for nail cuts. Your planned application will affect your choice of Irwin reciprocating saw blade. As with circular saw blades, it always helps to check the style of teeth before you make your selection. Some of these Irwin power tool blades have special teeth that help you slice through metal fasteners while others more effectively suit woodworking projects. Specialized tasks, such as groove cutting, require Irwin dado blades. These blades have special tooth layouts to create dadoes in wood without splintered edges.

You know what you need for the job. Narrow your choices by size to see which blades fit your equipment, and find Irwin power tool blades to suit almost any task.

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