Hand cutting tools offer simple, quick results when you need to make simple cuts. The variety of these tool types nearly matches the number of jobs they perform. They cost less than power equipment, and anyone can use them safely. Their smaller size makes it easy to carry an entire tool set with you to any jobsite, and they make ideal training tools for beginner craftsmen.
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Hacksaws let you cut through metal, PVC and other hard materials very quickly. They use easily replaceable blades for fast maintenance and a wide array of job profiles. Hacksaw blades generally have fine teeth for smooth results. These disposable blades come in multipacks for extra value.

Utility knivesgive cuts at close to switchblade speed. Their cutting blades conveniently switch out and come in specialty shape for specific material like carpet. Bolt cutters transfer force to powerful jaws to cut strong material like hex bolts or secure padlocks. Check your local laws on bolt cutter use before you buy a set.

Hand tools see much of their use in carpentry applications. Woodworking cutting tools allow you to cut beveled angles or details into pieces like cabinet doors or tables. These traditional tools are artisanal and give you masterful hand-crafted pieces. Hand saws tend to have large, coarse teeth for fast, powerful cuts. You can use a miter box with a hand saw for machine-precise repeatable cuts for large-scale production work.

Cutting tools give you no-fuss performance for simple or artisanal jobs. They deliver quick results and require less maintenance than power equipment. Hand tools often have longer warranties than power tools to protect you for many years of service. Stock your shop with high-quality hand tools, and be prepared for any project.
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