DeWalt Storage

Proper organization is essential to keep drill bits, hardware and accessories readily available while you're working. Whatever your situation, DEWALT® storage devices will help you stay prepared and protect your tools from wear and tear.
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If you are on the jobsite and want easy access to your tools, check out the line of DEWALT soft case storage units. An open-top tool carrier gives you immediate access to common tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches and pliers. Closed-top tool bags have multiple interior and exterior pockets and durable zippers and shoulder straps to make sorting and carrying your tools as convenient as possible. Check out DEWALT's customized lines of professional gear, like zippered portfolio cases and backpacks with customized LED lighting to help read your paperwork in low-light conditions.

DEWALT hard case storage has just about every imaginable portable and fixed storage unit for tools and tool shops. Large chests include important features like pull handles, heavy gauge wheels, and some weatherproofing for all types of job site conditions. Portable workstations feature ball bearing slides and drawers for easy operation. DEWALT toolboxes also feature weatherproofing, like waterproof seals and weather-resistant materials. You can use some of these cases with hand trucks and trolleys to make them even easier to move around.

If you need local storage in the shop, check out the line of large DEWALT storage boxes including heavy rolling cabinets with up to 200-pound capacity drawers. Small and mid-sized organizers help you keep small parts separated and organized. Of course, all of our cases are built with tough materials, like polycarbonate plastics, to prevent them from cracking.

DEWALT storage helps keep your tools, and small parts organized. Look for soft-sided cases for quick access to your tools. Hard storage cases can be used to move tools to and from the job site, or keep your shop organized. Look for the right storage device today.
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