DeWalt Cordless Tools

DeWALT® Cordless Tools let you work anywhere, even if there's no electrical utility present. They're easy to use and give you professional-looking results.
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DeWalt cordless drills feature high-power motors for fast drilling into hard material. Grab one of DeWalt's VSR models so you can reverse the drill at any speed, which gives you greater control when you're removing fasteners. DeWalt impact drivers do the same types of jobs as drills but use an internal impact system to generate incredible torque. Their brushless motors deliver more efficient power and last longer than regular motors for extended operating life.

DeWalt cordless saws let you rip long boards, cut off extra pieces or make beautiful decorative pieces. Their compact reciprocating saws give you access to tight spaces for greater convenience. Use DeWalt cordless nailers to drive nails faster and with greater accuracy than a hammer. For the highest speed, get a nailer that works in both regular and bump-fire mode, so you can install nails as quickly as you can move the nailer.

These cordless tools run on powerful DeWalt batteries. The 12-volt and 20-volt models include the versatile MAX® lithium-ion line, which lets you power every other MAX tool with matching voltage. You can get your tools in a kit that includes a battery. If you need to perform a variety of tasks, purchase a kit that includes not just a battery, but a selection of tools and switch out your MAX battery to each one as you need to use it.

DeWalt cordless tools have higher power ratings than many other portable models. All of these tools feature a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 3-year limited warranty and some also come with 1- or 2-year service contracts for extra protection and convenience. Upgrade your entire collection with DeWalt cordless tools today and enjoy top-tier performance and convenience.
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