BOSCH® has been serving the building trades with efficient and durable tools for over a century. Bosch tools include a collection of cordless, portable devices that feature the most current updates in battery technology. Powerful saws, corded drills and drivers, as well as other cutting and finishing equipment, can handle major demolition and remodeling tasks, plus woodworking, plumbing and electrical jobs.
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For the ultimate convenience in portability and power, Bosch cordless tools feature premium Lithium-ion batteries. Bosch 18V batteries are lighter, charge faster and keep the tool running longer. Cool Pack™ technology also increases the run time and battery life by increasing airflow to the battery. Cordless saws, drills, impact drivers and rotary hammers feature a balance of efficiency and convenience, allowing anyone to finish jobs when access to electricity is inconsistent. Bosch tool kits include a combo of tools and accessories. For example, a cordless impact driver and drill kit ensures instant flexibility with a single purchase.

Offering more control, Bosch power tools provide enough precision for many construction tasks. Electric saws meet the demands of the busy wood shop or handyman. Routers provide the finishing details on furniture and custom molding. Electric demolition hammers and breakers make remodels and tear downs go rapidly and reduce worker fatigue. Corded drills and drivers make repeat tasks, like drywall framing and fastening, accurate and fast. Other Bosch hand tools, like impact wrenches, are useful for auto repair and machine maintenance.

To keep the shop clean during a big project, Bosch dust collection solutions, including shop vacs and dust attachments, clear up the debris quickly and easily. Extra-large dust extraction units have wheels and durable housings that make them easier to move around. Wet vacuum sensors prevent any damage to the motor when water levels reach a maximum height.
Bosch continues to deliver on strength, speed, accuracy and cutting-edge battery life. From lightweight cordless tools to robust circular saws, these devices can handle the heavy-duty demands of any pro. Check out how Bosch tools can fulfill your professional needs today.
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