Known for fast motorcycles, water boats and utility ATVs, Yamaha also produces many other kinds of innovative outdoor power equipment such as generators, power washers and water pumps for industrial applications and everyday users. Its products are known for their reliability and long life, and have been a trusted brand for many years. Choose from the selection of Yamaha parts and equipment to meet all of your needs.

Generators are invaluable for their usefulness in many industrial and home situations. For industry professionals and home users, Yamaha generators can be used to power tools and equipment, or for backup power in case of a power outage. These generators can run up to nine hours at full capacity and can deliver up to approximately 12,000 watts of power. Yamaha inverter generators are more suited for personal use and can be used outdoors to power anything from power tools to television sets.

Pressure washers are useful for tough cleaning jobs that need high water pressure such as boats and large construction equipment. They can deliver up to 4,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure and four gallons of water per minute to clean most any surface. They feature versatile tips to handle any cleaning task, and the pressure is easily adjusted when a more delicate touch is needed. Yamaha pumps and Yamaha pressure washers are made to be intuitive and long lasting.

Yamaha pumps come with the suction power to complete the job. Whether you are cleaning up water or draining the pool, these pumps provide suction of up to 449 gallons per minute. They have a cast iron casing durable enough to withstand silt and grit for efficient usage and durability. From water pumps to generators, Yamaha accessories and power equipment provide options for every situation.