About Wright Tools
Since its creation in 1927, the Wright Tool Company has been dedicated to providing high-quality hand tools to workers from all walks of life. Whether you’re an amateur handyman tinkering around the house or a dedicated professional that needs an extensive array of hand tools, Wright has something to offer.

This brand understands how difficult it can be to complete a project without high-quality equipment. Even practical hand tools can become a waste of money if they aren’t durable enough to last more than a few months. Wright does more than meet the standard. They seek to go above and beyond by offering hand tools that solve common problems and make a professional's job easier.

Types of Wright Tools
Fortunately, with a wide selection and several different categories to explore, Wright Tools takes the anxiety out of finding the right hand tool or power equipment. Some of their most popular products include impact sockets, combination wrench sets, ratchets, metric socket sets, fasteners, hex bit sockets, pliers, snips, and even drill bits.

Master Tool Sets
One of their most popular categories is Wright Tool Master Tool Sets. Within this group, customers can find tool sets designed for basic service to everything a professional could ever need on the job. One of the flagship products includes the 140-Piece Mechanics Set. With patented drive sockets that have even more surface area, these sockets can usually provide more torque and last longer as well.

In comparison to larger or smaller sets, the 140-Piece Set provides a happy medium. Most professionals will find everything they need in this set without it being overkill. Since there’s a limited lifetime warranty with this tool set, all customers need to do is call if they find a defect in the set.

Another option within the tool set category is the 75-Piece Set. As a much simpler option, this tool set comes with a pair of pliers, sockets and ratchets of varying sizes. While it doesn’t have as much of an assortment as larger sets do, the 75-Piece tool box may be perfect for apprentices and workers that are just starting out. While Wright Tool is well-known for its master tool sets, this isn’t the only top-selling category. There’s also an entire category dedicated to sockets and ratchets. Here, customers can decide whether or not they’d like to purchase an entire set of sockets and ratchets or individual pieces.

Sockets and Ratchets
The benefit to purchasing a set of sockets and ratchets is variety. For customers that know they’re going to need multiple sizes, an impact socket set or combination wrench set may be the way to go.

One of Wright’s best-sellers includes the ¾ In. Dr, 19-Piece 12 Pt Std Socket Set. With patented drive sockets and a high-quality chrome finish, these sockets are built to last. For storage, there’s even a metal box to ensure that you keep all the pieces together.

Anyone who’s worked with hand tools can testify that leaving your tools exposed to the elements for any period of time will only lead to rust and wear. Not to mention, it’s all too easy to lose individual sockets, wrenches, or ratchets if there isn’t a secure place to put them.

However, for shoppers that aren’t looking to buy in bulk, there’s also the option to purchase flex sockets or hex bit sockets. As far as flex sockets go, Wright Tools doesn’t have too many options, but they do have four high-quality choices that customers can pick from—such as the ⅜ In. Flex Socket Set.

Although this set doesn’t come with a tool box for storage, it does have a plastic rail that buyers can store the sockets on. The main difference between a flex socket and a standard socket is that flex sockets can provide greater torque when they grip the fastener.

However, if you’re in the market for a hex bit socket, Wright Tool has a wide variety of different options. One of the top-sellers is the ⅜ in. 7-Piece Hex Bit Socket Set with a long bit to help reach fasteners better. When you want to store the sockets, the included plastic rail is easy to transport but high-impact enough to withstand most falls and every day wear and tear.

Hex bit sockets tend to be a more common choice for a lot of workers, primarily since they’re needed to fit on the head of a hexagonal fastener. Many nuts and bolts contain hexagonal heads that will require the use of one of these sockets.

Besides tool sets and socket and ratchet sets, Wright Tool also specializes in wrenches as well. With over thirty different choices, customers can find everything from extensive combination wrench sets to individual wrenches that they may not have.

A popular choice is the 15-Piece Full Polish Metric Combination Wrench Set. One of the common problems that can occur with wrenches is slipping. When you’re working with grease or your hand just becomes clammy after a while, it can become all too easy for the wrench to slip out of your hands.

Wright strives to solve this issue by providing an anti-slip grip so that you don’t need to feel as if the wrench is continuously slipping out of your hand while you work. As a result, many buyers often feel as if they’re able to get more torque and greater strength while they work. Full-polish combination wrenches are often a popular choice since the polished finish on the wrench prevents them from completely slipping out of a worker's hands.

For storage purposes, shoppers can store their wrenches inside the denim roll that comes with the combination wrench set. Unlike plastic rails or tool boxes, which can sometimes break or may be awkward to transport, a denim roll is portable and lightweight enough to carry from your home to the jobsite.

Another top-seller is the 26-Piece Combination Wrench Set. Along with the same anti-slip design that’s found in the 15-piece set, this particular combination wrench set is also hot-forged for durability. This process helps ensure that your wrenches have a longer lifespan and last as long as you need them to. While the 26-piece set includes a broader array of sizes, all of these wrenches can still fit snugly inside the included denim roll.

It might not be the most widely used product, but Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrenches are also available. When it comes to hard-to-access locations that the average ratchet or wrench can’t reach, the short body and wide head of a crowfoot wrench can come in handy.

While Wright Tools may not offer saw blades or other extensive power tools, they make up for this by specializing in hand tools that go above and beyond the standard.

Every product within Wright Tool’s selection has its own benefits, but they all share a few traits in common too. For instance, Wright Tool spends a lot of time ensuring all of their tools are durable. In some sets, Wright puts a high-quality chrome finish on their sockets and ratchets so that they last longer than usual. Wrenches are often hot-forged to increase their life span as well.

Many of their wrench and socket sets also come with storage boxes, plastic rails, or denim rolls. By keeping these hand tools from being exposed to poor weather, they’re less likely to rust over time.

Why Buy Wright Tool Products?
Besides durability, Wright Tool goes above and beyond by ensuring all of their tool sets and products come with limited lifetime warranties. While these tools are built to last, it’s not uncommon for one part of a set to wear out over time.

In some cases, customers may even notice a defect with their tool set. To make sure they live up to their reputation, Wright Tool will replace these defective tools. All customers need to do is call the customer service team if they need a replacement.

Limited lifetime warranties are only one perk. Purchasing from Wright also usually comes with low shipping or free shipping. While some brands may charge you outrageous handling fees on larger items, Wright Tool tries to streamline the process by making sure they offer lower shipping rates on small tools and free shipping on heavier items.

Although it won't affect how well these hand tools work, it's worth noting that the Wright Tool products are always made in the USA. Since their debut in Ohio in the 20th century, Wright has been dedicated to making sure all of their tools are forged in the United States. In many cases, this also makes shipping easier since there's no need to worry about overseas shipping fees or long waiting times.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, try browsing through one of the categories or looking through the Wright Tool catalog. If you have any questions, the Wright Tool customer service team is only one phone call away.