Worx® tools make it easy to take care of outdoor and indoor chores with their power equipment. Worx outdoor power equipment is versatile, offering better ways to tackle common chores. We carry a variety of Worx tools for all of your household needs.

All Worx grass trimmers feature a powerful battery like other Worx cordless tools for long life, with some models running as long and with as much power as a gas trimmer, but without any emissions. Some Worx trimmers feature a unique set of adjustable wheels which turn the trimmer into a mini mower and provide flawless edges making them extremely versatile. Their powerful lawnmowers run as efficiently as many gas versions and have features that self-propel based on your walking speed. Other Worx tools make yard cleanup easy; its cordless hedge trimmers with dual action blades trim hedges effortlessly while their shears easily keep shrubs under control. Worx string trimmers help keep the yard neatly trimmed. Worx cordless tools are meant to run a long time while providing excellent results.

Worx lawn mowers, blowers and mulchers are effective for yard cleanup. Every lawn mower is cordless and features the option to bag, mulch or discharge clippings to the side. All blower models are cordless like most other Worx cordless tools and create wind speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Some models reverse as a vacuum while others mulch, vacuum and work as a blower, like their Trivac™ tool. Mulchers shred leaves and debris while coming with handy features such as an attachable collection bag.

When shopping for Worx cordless tools, don't forget to pick up any accessories you may need, such as batteries, trimmer line spools and trimmer line. Check out our selection of Worx outdoor power equipment and find a smart solution for any outdoor work job.