Work Sharp® is known for making a large variety of sharpening tools. From handheld to machine-based belt sharpeners, there is one for all occasions. Work Sharp tools are made for industry professionals such as chefs or woodworkers and hunters and home users. Choose from a broad range of sharpening options to fulfil your needs.

Work Sharp tool sharpeners are the perfect solution for sharpening various woodworking tools. A motorized disc-based sharpener does a quick job at returning a sharp edge. Offering multiple sharpening ports and a powerful motor, almost any tool can regain a keen edge with multiple grit interchangeable surfaces that eliminate burrs for even faster sharpening. Work Sharp power tools offer fast results and won't damage your tools. A handheld trigger accelerates the belt while an angle guide allows for precise sharpening. With interchangeable belt grits from coarse to fine grits, Work Sharp tool sharpeners can sharpen any knife from serrated, tanto and curved blades, and any other type of knife. These efficient gadgets also sharpen household tools such as axes and lawnmower blades. Work Sharp's power tools make any sharpening job nearly effortless.

For sharpening while on the go, a guided field sharpener is the tool to use. Work Sharp tools make sharpening a dull hunting knife efficient while outdoors. They also restore an edge to an ax, hatchet, fishing hook or other camping tools. They use a multi-sided handheld base with interchangeable plates and different grits as well as a side for ceramic sharpeners and a leather strop for razor sharp honing. Work Sharp knife sharpeners make it convenient to sharpen even the dullest blades. From handheld field sharpeners to motorized sharpeners Work Sharp tool sharpeners restore knives and tools to a keen edge with little time and effort.