Wood Lathes and Accessories

Made for professional and hobbyist woodworkers, wood lathes provide a stable space and sharp tools that help with sanding, grinding and cutting. They allow the craftsman to maintain an appropriate spin speed for the task at hand, and they allow for intricate radial control. Duplicators offer even greater control, allowing craftsmen to duplicate their lathed pieces on a totally new piece of material.
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Woodworking lathes provide some of the most professional looking effects possible, and they do it quickly. Just set the piece of wood and start spinning. For additional options, choose from the wood lathe accessories that allow even greater control over the material. These chucks, stands, extensions and other add-ons provide the customization you need to work with a range of sizes.

The best bench and stationary machinery offers a fundamental service to the shop. With wood lathes, that service comes in the form of radial design. A chisel may grind the wood into perfect patterns, but the machine offers other benefits as well. Some bench and stationary accessories allow for increased performance in more specific environments. With additional motors for replacement and digital readouts that display detailed information, woodworkers have more options than ever.

Wood lathes pair well with the shop's other bench tools for a variety of projects. Many hobbyist woodworkers rely on these machines for small projects, crafting pens and other smaller items with unique, finished looks. Others, including many professionals, use them for large scale designs that require multiple pieces. They use a duplicator to mirror the effect again and again. These machines match the original cut of a specific piece and help replicate with precision onto other materials.

Find the wood lathes and accessories you need for your next project. They simplify radial design work and excel with intricate cuts.
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