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Created in 1941, WILTON® Tools began manufacturing a unique bullet vise with a fine-threaded spindle and unbreakable nut. To this day, the company continues creating reliable, durable and unique lines of tools that include various vises for different industries. Many of the Wilton F-Clamps, C-Clamps and vises are ideal for professional use, though some light-duty options for home craftsman are available.

When it comes to holding wood, metal, tubes and pipes steady on your workbench, Wilton bench vises are a must-have. There are a variety of types, including multi-purpose options for utility and general purpose use. Industrial, woodworking and light-duty vises are available as well for holding sheets of metal or panels of wood steady while you saw, glue or drill. For milling work, drilling, reaming or tapping, there is a line of Wilton machine vises that deliver precision work holding and versatility.

Wilton F-Clamps and C-Clamps are small, portable tools that produce the clamping force necessary for holding objects together temporarily as you attach them permanently with glue or fasteners. They also work well for holding wood, pipes or metal materials in place. Many Wilton C-Clamps and F-Clamps feature black oxide coatings for corrosion resistance and replaceable Perma-Pads® or quick-twist pads. Those in the Spark-Duty line have copper-plated spindles that keep the tool safe from damage by welding splatter.

Whether you're demolishing a house or driving railroad spikes, B.A.S.H.® striking tools provide the durability and safety you need. This line of Wilton tools includes sledge hammers, ball pein hammers, dead blow hammers and splitting mauls. Each features Unbreakable® Handle Technology, a design that uses molten steel rods in the rubber handle of the hammer, preventing it from breaking during an overstrike. They also boast no-slip grips and Hi-Vis green heads for visibility on the jobsite.

Whether you're a professional on the job site or a home craftsman in your own shop, there are a variety of tools available that will suit your needs. Browse the Wilton wood vises, clamps and striking tools in our selection to find the tools you need to complete every job.