About Weber Grills
Weber has been making grills since 1952 and have since become one of the biggest names in the grill and barbeque market. Today Weber still offers exceptional outdoor grills ideal for barbecuing in your back yard, family events, picnics, and more. Their impressive grill lineup includes a large array of grills, smokers, and grilling tools including grills from their infamous Summit, Spirit II, Performer Deluxe, and Genesis II series. These grills are available in a variety of heat sources including natural gas, charcoal, and propane grills. Whether you’re a well-seasoned grill master or a rookie griller Weber “has the answer for all your cravings”!
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Why Buy a Weber Grill?
Weber grills are widely known for their reliability, efficient cooking systems, and innovative designs, making Weber’s grills and smokers an overall great value and high quality grill choice for grill masters and grilling rookies alike.

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