Weather Guard Van Products

About Weather Guard Van Storage Solutions
Regardless of your trade, Weather Guard van products help you store and organize your van for any type of hauling capacity. Made from rugged materials, such as heavy-duty steel, these units are customizable and useful in a variety of combinations depending upon your profession. Whether you need easy and fast access to your tools, or shelving to secure equipment safely, Weather Guard has a number of van tools to maximize your efficiency.
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Weather Guard In-Bed Van Storage
Weather Guard's in-bed van accessory drawers help you get the most from your vehicle's interior. Made from thick steel, these drawers expand your storage capacity and also support your weight to keep access to needed floor space available. Anti-slip vinyl strips on the top to make it safe for wet soles or slippery conditions. Extra dividers and compartments help you stay organized. Weather Guard's Extreme Protection locking system helps prevent theft and loss while you're away from the vehicle.

Weather Guard Van Shelving and Storage Units
If you need your tools and ladders organized as well as secure them, Weather Guard van accessories include shelving and roof racks to help you move all kinds of equipment. Shelves and stands are interchangeable to allow you to customize your storage options. Weather Guard fabricates ladder racks and shelving with heavy-duty, thick-gauge steel, and finishes the exterior with Armor-Tuf powder coat to ensure your van accessories can survive long-term wear and tear. Shelves can also be fitted with customizable hooks and belts to help you haul even more equipment easily and conveniently, giving you quick access to your favorite cordless tools on the job.

Why Buy Weather Guard Van Storage Solutions?
Utilize Weather Guard products to build out your service van to maximize its storage and hauling potential. Powder-coated shelving and racks secure equipment safely and are built for constant exposure to the elements and intensive use. Haul your tools to and from the jobsite safely with the line of Weather Guard van gear.

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