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151HP Deluxe Farm Tractor - Cab with Heat and A/C

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151HP Deluxe Farm Tractor - Cab with Heat and A/C

Equipped with Kubota's biggest features and greatest performance, this 148 HP machine with powerful transmission is ready to get to work on your land. Kubota’s customizable Headland Management System makes headland turning easier and more responsive while an ISO-bus monitor/controller and GPS/auto guidance system contribute to greater working precision. Plus, an ergonomic workstation engineered with instantly accessible levers and information centers make for a comfortable days work from the M7's wide cabin with virtually unobstructed views.

  • The V6108 engine boasts the latest in clean engine technology - the common rail system electronically controls the timing and amount of high pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion, which results in greater efficiency, better fuel economy, and less engine noise
  • Option - euro quick coupler - with the euro quick coupler you can attach and detach a wide variety of attachments with a quick and simple operation
  • Option - single lever hydraulic quick coupler - with the pull of a single lever, an operator can quickly and simultaneously attach and detach all four hoses using a single lever, simplifying tasks that require hydraulic equipment
  • Comfortable cabin with a view - when you're in the fields from dawn to dusk, you want a ride that keeps you comfortable and working efficiently until the job is done
  • Cabin suspension - the M7 cabin is available with your choice of suspension systems: mechanical (spring), or rubber ISO mount - cabin suspension helps take the bumps out of the ride to keep you comfortable and efficient
  • Power is the key to superior tractor performance, and the M7 has plenty of power to quickly and efficiently handle just about any task - but when PTO jobs, or transport, calls for more power, the M7’s power boost is activated, delivering more power to get you through the tough jobs
  • The M7 features Kubota's dependable, and automatic power shift transmission that provides 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds across 6 speed ranges, that can be shifted without clutching - with so many speeds to choose from, it's easy to find the right speed
  • Time spent at the fuel pump is time you're not working on the job - to let you work longer between refueling stops, all M7 models are equipped with large tanks for fuel (87 gal) and def (10 gal)
  • Hydraulics - the M7 standard model is ready to go to work with pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulics, a 21 gpm gear type pump and mechanical auxiliary control with three auxiliary control valves as standard equipment and the option of adding a fourth auxiliary control valve
  • Kubota's 4-speed live independent PTO gives you the ability to operate a variety of rear-mounted implements at the optimum speed for each - the independent PTO can be engaged and disengaged without stopping the tractor using a single control knob with automatic modulation for smooth engagement
  • Optional creeper - some jobs can't be done properly at typical working speeds - that's why the M7 gives you 16 forward and 16 reverse creep speeds to let you do those jobs at extremely slow working speeds
  • Option - Kubota Z-bar linkage mechanical self-leveling - with no upper loader link to get in the way, Kubota's mechanical self-leveling system ensures an unobstructed view ahead
  • Option - front loader joystick - Kubota's front loader joystick greatly simplifies front loader operations so you can concentrate on the work ahead - the joystick is located on the control console for smooth and effortless shifting and better forward visibility
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