Test and measurement tools provide accurate readings for a wide range of jobs. Whether you need to determine material sizes or analyze environmental readings, we carry a range of options to help. Choose the test and measurement tools that relay vital information for your next project. This selection includes devices for both home and professional usage like levels, laser levels, transit levels, laser accessories, distance measuring tools, inspection cameras, stud & metal sensors, moisture, gas, & air meters, and more.

A well-crafted design relies on accurate measurements. Measuring tapes are used by most professionals, regardless of where they work. Because these measuring instruments extend for such long distances, they work as well at construction sites as they do at home. Those working on even larger sites use measuring wheels for the same basic purpose. These tools effectively measure surface distance even when presented with topographical variations like hills and valleys. Range finders do the same job, but they measure these distances as the crow flies.

Of course, not all test and measurement devices keep track of distance. They help professionals measure time, temperature and electrical currents as well. Electrical test and measurement tools serve electricians on everyday projects. Multimeters, splitters and testers verify the presence of electricity in a circuit and often display information on voltage. Test and measurement stop watches keep track of timing, an asset that aids with a broad range of projects as well. Moisture meters provide valuable information to inspectors and craftsmen. These tools determine the moisture levels in all sorts of materials, allowing crews to determine the durability of everything from wood stock to building foundations.

Test and measurement tools help with every work environment. These devices provide vital information on every job, so you always know what to expect when you start a project. Read distance measurements, monitor surface temperatures and verify the activity of electrical currents with reliable test kits and measurement tools.

We have huge selections of test & measurement tools from the best brands including DeWalt, Milwaukee Tools, Empire Level, Stabila, Bosch, and more. Shop online or visit an Acme Tools store near you.