Telpro Inc.® provides some of the most durable, high-quality construction material-handling tools around. Their products add to your overall work efficiency to save you labor and time. If you're a contractor, these products benefit morale because they reduce physical demand and worker fatigue.

Telpro scaffolding kits like those from the Tele-Tower® line allow you to work at higher elevations to install windows, siding, trim, fixtures and any of a number of other items. They have space to hold your tools and materials for convenience and stability while you work. These outstanding safety tools are modular so you can scale them up or down for projects of any size. They come in models that you can raise or lower at will or in varieties that you set up and which remain at the level that you set when you assemble them.

Use specialized drywall tools to hold large sheets in place while you move them and install. Simple carts help remove the strain of carrying sheets from different locations and Telpro's sophisticated Panellift® line places drywall just where you need it. These tools make what was once one of the more involved construction processes an easy, one- or two-man task.

The company's cabinet lifts from the Cabinetizer™ line to help hoist bulky cabinets where you need them and keep them level for a fantastic install. Your results look much more professional, and your clients are satisfied when their cabinets are straight. You also eliminate the risk of drops that can injure workers or break the cabinets because these lifting jacks stay steady on the floor. When you need to move heavy bulky objects from one side of the project to another Telpro's Troll® line saves time and back strain.

We feel these security tools will help provide that extra safety you and your crew deserve. Each one adds to your productivity level so you can finish your job on time. Optimize your work capacity with our wide selection of Telpro's innovative construction tools.