About Tapco
Tapco offers brakes, saw tables, and brake accessories which help professional contractors and highly skilled home DIY craftsmen accomplish siding, roofing and other jobs. Tapco has a commitment to the quality of their tools and rigorously test them before they go to market to ensure that they perform above your expectations.

Tapco Brakes
Tapco brakes run long metal pieces and angles them at specific points. Use them to shape roofing or other materials to fit your project precisely. These are compatible with a wide range of Tapco accessories, including angle gauges, saw tables and more. Tapco brakes such as the MAX-I-MUM II™ Brake system's enhanced convenience features can help increase your crew's productivity with these premium brake upgrades. Tapco also manufactures brake accessories including cases, stands, and wheels to help make transportation easier than ever before.

Tapco Saw Tables
Tapco saw tables with additions such as the ProTrax™ let you run large wood or siding sections through for consistent, repeatable cuts. They adjust too many different angles, and use the circular saw you already own to make the cuts. For easy transport, it only takes one or two people to carry a table. Once you set it up the table stays put to offer both accuracy and safety while you operate your saw.

Why Buy Tapco Tools?
Tapco’s tools provide you with what you need to get any roofing or siding job done on time and looking good. They cover their power tools with competitive warranties to protect your investment. Upgrade your siding and roofing capabilities with Tapco's high-performance, exceptional-quality tools.