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About Sunex Tools
Since 1977, Sunex Tools has been providing customers with innovative and high-quality tools. Sunex built their reputation based on industry-leading impact sockets and has since branched into multiple industries. Today, the product line offers tool storage, cordless power tools, hydraulic shop presses, and so much more.

Offering the highest value and quality, Sunex sockets ensure durability and performance. Impact Socket Sets are built with the highest torque, tackling even the toughest task. Metric Impact Hex Driver Sets are the perfect addition to every tool box.

Air Tools
With power and flexibility, Sunex Air Tools ensure the best performance. Whether you're drilling, grinding, cutting, or sanding, Sunex has the Air Tool for you. Cut, polish, and grind with Sunex Grinders. Sunex Impact Wrenches deliver high torque output with minimal user exertion. Ratchets are essential due to their speed and power. Cut Off Saws are expertly designed to meet all your needs. And finally, Sunex Speciality Tools offer multiple solutions to keep you focused on your task at hand instead of the mess.

Hand Tools
Sunex Hand Tools achieve the most challenging jobs. The built to last Wrench Sets include SAE Wrench Sets and Crowfoot Wrenches. Select pliers, screwdriver sets, fasteners, or a torque wrench to get the job done.

Shop Equipment
Sunex Shop Equipment makes keeping your shop in order more manageable. Save time and money with bench tools, drill presses, creepers, pullers, and more.

Lifting Equipment
With solutions that fit almost all applications, Sunex Lifting Equipment is built to lift. Bottle Jacks can lift heavy frames off the ground, ranging from 6-20 tons. The durable and reliable Engine Stands achieve all the heavy lifting. Allowing users to complete all types of tasks, Service Jacks support up to 10 tons. Equip your shop with Jack Stands that vary from 3-22 ton pairs. Engine Cranes efficiently remove and install both gasoline and diesel engines.

Shop SAE Impact Socket Sets, Pliers Sets, Tool Sets, Premium Service Carts, Air Compressors, Drive Impact Sets, Pry Bar Sets, and other Sunex products at an Acme Tools near you or visit our online store.