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About Stiletto Hammers and Tools
Since 1849, Stiletto has been designing and crafting some of the industry’s best hammers and wrecking tools. Whether you’re searching for the best hammer, the lightest weight hammer, or a specialty hammer, Stiletto has tons of hammers, pry bars, and wrecking tools to choose from.
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Why are Stiletto Tools So Expensive?
This is a question that is asked a lot. Stiletto’s hammers and tools are expensive because of their high quality, innovative designs, added features, and incredible technology that allow you to work smarter, not harder. Stiletto’s hammers are best of the best, and anyone who has used one will tell you the same.

Highest Quality Hammers and Tools
Stiletto tools are some of the industry’s best hand tools because they are high quality, built to last, and help you apply the most power and impact.

Designed for Comfort
And while they are heavy duty, their tools are lightweight and designed for comfort thanks to their unique titanium design. Titanium hammers are a fraction of the weight of steel hammers but still deliver just as much power, impact, and force as a steel hammer. Titanium also absorbs shock vibrations much more efficiently than steel, meaning you lose less power, minimize vibrations, and put less stress on your joints and body when you use the hammer. This combination of power and comfort allows you to work smarter and harder without wearing yourself (or your hammer) out. Stiletto has also integrated user friendly features like magnetic nail starters and ergonomic handles into their designs to make your life even easier!

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