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About Stiletto Tools
Since the early days of the California Gold Rush, Stiletto Tools has been providing customers with lightweight, innovative, and efficient tools. With titanium hand tools like nail pullers, framing hammers, clawbars, and much more, Stiletto has the tool for your next professional job or DIY project.

Titanium Hammers
The Titanium Hatchet and Titanium Drywall Hatchet both have a redesigned 13.5" fiberglass handle. The Hatchets hit like a 16oz Steel Hammer, but they weigh 45% less and have ten times less recoil shock.

Titanium Framing Hammers offer a variety of components. Select a milled face titanium hammer to provide extra traction, or a titanium smooth face hammer to avoid leaving indentations on any surface. The curved hickory handles absorb vibrations while straight handles provide extra strength during tasks.

The compact and lightweight Tibone collection is impressively strong, powerful, and durable due to the steel face and curved grip. Remove fasteners and protect the surface you're working on with the attached Claw Hammer.

Stiletto Titanium Smooth Face Hammers are the smallest hammer heads offered. The smooth steel hammers come equipped with a newly designed 14.5" curved handle and also have less recoil features.

Wrecking & Pry Bars
With the patented Dimpler feature, easily pull nails with the Stilleto Clawbar. The durable and corrosion-free open-trussed bar provides a comfortable grip, allowing users more time to get the job done.

Titanium flat bars make prying, stripping, and staple removal easy. The flat bars have a powerful design, and they come with a patented nail puller.

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