About Stiletto Hammers
With well over 150 years of experience behind them, Stiletto hammers and mallets are some of the most durable, lightweight, comfortable, and innovative tools on the market today. With advances in materials, handle profile, and more, it's no wonder Stiletto hammers remain the “best of the best”.
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Stiletto Claw Hammers
The core of Stiletto's catalogue is their selection of claw hammers. Stiletto offers stainless steel hammers. These hammers have a steel head and hickory handles which allow that to have maximum durability.

Stiletto Titanium Hammers
Did you know that Stiletto was the first to pioneer an all-titanium design? Stiletto claw hammers with TIBONE™ technology are made of titanium and weigh significantly less than traditional steel hammers. However, lightweight doesn’t mean light duty. Stiletto’s titanium hammer apply just as much force, but allow you to use less effort, helping you work smarter, not harder. Titanium hammers also transmit less vibration along the handle than steel hammers, so they are more comfortable to use and prevent injuries caused by repetitive motion.

Stiletto Drywall Hammers
Stiletto drywall hammers are designed to drive nails without damaging your surface, dimple the paper for easy adhesion of covering material, and quickly score sheets of drywall to cut them down to size. These multi-use tools will save you time, effort and space in your tool kit.

Why Buy Stiletto Hammers?
You don't make hammers for 150 years without learning a few tricks. Stiletto's strong track record for dependability and invention makes these hammers an excellent choice. Whether you're a contractor or an ambitious do-it-yourselfer, you can be sure that buying a Stiletto hammer means you’re getting the “best of the best”.

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