Stabila Test & Measurement Tools

For over 100 years, STABILA® has been known for the highest quality measuring tools. Manufactured in Germany, Stabila test and measurement tools are built to the highest standards to withstand the rigors of construction sites while still delivering fast, accurate measurements.
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The innovation in Stabila test and measurement tools began back in 1865 with the creation of the original Ulrich hinged rule. This ingenious design is still with us today in the form of the Stabila hinged engineer's folding ruler.

Stabila patented its retractable measuring tape back in 1930 and further refined it in 1954 with the creation of the first fiberglass measuring tapes. Today you'll find Stabila measuring tapes not only on construction sites, but in tool sheds all over the world. The humble measuring tape is a must-have tool for anyone interested in a bit of DIY. They are the easiest tool for measuring distances up to about 33 feet. Modern Stabila tape measures are easier than ever to use with their patented 'Stabila Spikes' grip hook and rocker blade lock. A grit resistant coating also helps keep them running smoothly for years of regular use.

When Stabila introduced lasers into their measuring tools, it made measuring long distances faster and easier than ever. Measuring with a laser measure is as easy as aiming the laser and pressing a button. It can easily hold a series of measurements and instantly make calculations, like square footage. Stabila has laser measures with maximum ranges from 100 feet to 660 feet, and their accuracy is guaranteed to within 1/16 of an inch over the distance. For the professional builder, a Stabila laser measure will pay for itself in saved time and improved measuring accuracy.

Making accurate measurements is an essential part of building. With Stabila products, you'll be able to make them faster and easier than ever and save time on every build.
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