Stabila began their continuing commitment to quality and accuracy in 1851, and they use their expertise to produce exceptionally accurate tools. These tools are intuitive for anyone to use, from amateur woodworkers to professional tradespeople.
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Stabila levels have several innovative features. Internal light packs illuminate the bubble so you can measure in the dark. The XtL series expands and locks to the particular size of your door, in fact; Stabila claims that two Xtl levels will do the work of five traditional levels. Magnets hold the level against the wall so the level will stay in place while you adjust your work. Digital angle meters tell you the precise angle for consistent, repeatable production jobs.

Stabila lasers provide instant, exact measurements in multiple dimensions.They are self-leveling, have visible beams, and you can mount them on walls or tripods for convenience. Anti-vibration features help ensure good results. Stabila produces glasses that improve red laser visibility by up to 50 percent in bright conditions so you can see that it's working. You can also use remote controls to change angle or rotation speeds for smooth operation in tricky spaces. The company's patented Shock Protection System (SPS) defends these precision tools from impacts to protect your investment.

Stabila test and measurement tools include tape measures and folding rulers. The tape measures include both standard and metric measurements, and feature scales on both sides of the blade so you can always see the numbers without craning your neck. Exclusive spikes in the hook keep it attached to the work surface so it won't release while you're trying to take a measurement. The folding rulers give you long measuring length in a compact tool. They stay rigid over long distances for your convenience.

Stabila hand tools combine accuracy and speed with portability. These tools are durable and consistent enough for industrial-scale production work. And the storage options keep the tools close at hand. Trust Stabila's generations of expertise to deliver the precision you need for professional-looking final results.
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