About Stabila Tools
Stabila began their continuing commitment to quality and accuracy in 1851, and they use their expertise to produce exceptionally accurate tools. Stabila tools are intuitive for anyone to use, from amateur woodworkers to professional tradespeople. With durable exteriors and a wide variety of sizes, Stabila has a lot to offer.

One of the qualities that Stabila strives to make a priority within their tools is durability. Even the best hand tools can quickly become a waste of money if they aren’t able to last more than a few months. Fortunately, Stabila is able to help prevent common damage caused by regular use and poor weather conditions by using heavy-duty materials and resistant coatings on their power tools, torpedo levels, plate levels, and level sets.

Stabila Levels
Stabila levels like torpedo levels and magnetic levels have several innovative features. Internal light packs illuminate the bubble so you can measure in the dark. The XtL series expands and locks to the particular size of your door, in fact, Stabila claims that two Xtl levels will do the work of five traditional levels. Magnets hold the level against the wall so the level will stay in place while you adjust your work. Digital angle meters tell you the precise angle for consistent, repeatable production jobs.

When it comes to purchasing a Stabila level, there is a wide variety of different options available. From torpedo levels, electronic levels to line lasers and laser measuring tools, Stabila has something for everyone. One way that many customers may choose to buy a level is by purchasing a level set or laser level kit. One of Stabila’s flagship products within this category is the 78 Complete 6 Level Set Type 196. With certified type 196 levels, this product is built for durability and convenience. Even homeowners who have never dealt with a Stabila level before shouldn't have too many issues operating this product.

Since you may need to use a level in all sorts of different temperatures or weather, the 78 Set includes a rib-reinforced frame and is completely waterproof. Even if you need to work in the rain or around a body of water, there’s no concern that you’ll damage the level. The reinforced frame also helps make the entire level sturdier without all of the extra weight.

Another key feature of the 78 Set is the shock-absorbing endcaps. When you’re measuring a wall, it’s not uncommon for a level to slip or fall, making it difficult to take accurate measurements. Fortunately, the endcaps are able to absorb impact easier and help prevent this issue.

Along with rubber handgrips for added comfort, storing this level isn’t much of a challenge either. It has a hole that you can hang on any metal pole so that it’s up and far away from the work surface.

However, some workers may not need all the bells and whistles of the 78 Complete Set. In that case, the Magnetic 3 Level Set Type 96-2 M is another best-seller that uses rare earth metals to ensure the level stays accurate and has a longer lifespan. It also has an electrostatic enamel finish so that you can easily clean things up with just water and a brush.

In addition to a large hole that allows for easy storage, this level set also has protective carrying bags so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the levels when you need to transport them. A carrying case or level case may not seem that useful, but the last thing you want to do is damage your level set on the jobsite. Much like the 78 Set, the shock-absorbing end caps can help prevent any slipping or falling that may occur while you’re measuring.

Stabila lasers provide instant, exact measurements in multiple dimensions. They are self-leveling, have visible beams, and you can mount them on walls or tripods for convenience. Anti-vibration features help to ensure good results.

Stabila produces glasses that improve red laser visibility by up to 50 percent in bright conditions so you can see that it's working. You can also use remote controls to change angle or rotation speeds for smooth operation in tricky spaces. The company's patented Shock Protection System (SPS) defends these precision tools from impacts to protect your investment.

Stabila Laser Levels
Among Stabila’s selection of laser levels, there are a few stand-outs. The Stabila LAX 300 Green Laser Level Tool Set, for instance, is a great choice for interior construction, especially when it comes down to getting accurate and precise lines. This particular product will include one horizontal line, a vertical line, and plumb-line dots.

Since working with a level may include several hours of operation, the LAX 300 is made to last for up to fifteen hours of operation. While many construction workers may not need it that long, it might be worth knowing that the level is unlikely to die before they no longer need it. When you need to change modes, operating the level is designed to be easy and user-friendly.

If customers find that the LAX 300 isn’t what they need, another option is the 90 Degree Floor Line Laser. For construction workers that are trying to lay tile or other types of flooring with expert accuracy. Unlike chalk marks, which aren’t always straight or may fade over time, a laser line from this tool will remain visible and bright as long as you need it to. Not to mention, turning off a laser is often much easier than scrubbing off marker or trying to peel up tape.

Within this category, there’s also the heavy-duty LA-5P Green 5 Point Laser Level Tool Set. There are five bright lights for buyers to use while they’re working. While this product has more options than some lasers, it’s not designed to be any more difficult to operate or work with.

One of the main draws that a laser level can present is convenience. Rather than trying to take measurements with chalk or other messy materials, all workers need to do is turn the laser on and off to get precise measurements. Depending on what kind of work they need to do and what kind of environment they’re in, shoppers can find a variety of different laser levels to suit their needs.

Stabila Test and Measurement Tools
Stabila test and measurement tools include tape measures and folding rulers. The tape measures include both standard and metric measurements, and feature scales on both sides of the blade so you can always see the numbers without craning your neck.

Exclusive spikes in the hook keep it attached to the work surface so it won't release while you're trying to take a measurement. The folding rulers give you long measuring length in a compact tool. They stay rigid over long distances for your convenience.

One of the top-selling products within this category is the 33 FT. Tape Measure with scales on both sides as well as a grit-resistant coating. Even if you need to work outside or measure in more extreme conditions, you can still take your Stabila tape measure without fearing it will get too dirty.

To make sure the tape easily returns to you when you’re done measuring, the container has a shock-absorber to make sure it comes back quickly (and doesn’t get bent or stuck on the way).

For a much more old-school option, there’s always the Engineers Folding Ruler. By using three different scales, workers have fewer limitations on how they can measure an object. To increase the durability of the ruler, it’s made from sturdy beech wood and has fully-sealed rivets. Unlike some rulers, which may start to wear down if they’re exposed to water or poor weather, this ruler is designed to combat damage from extreme conditions.

If the ruler has an issue related to how it was manufactured, it’s worth noting that there’s a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects. Once the problem is discovered, all you need to do is contact Stabila.

Rulers and tape measures aren’t the only items that Stabila has to offer within their measurement category. The LD 520 Laser Measure includes a video camera with a zoom function as well as a built-in calculator. Although the primary function of this laser measure is to take measurements, its usefulness doesn’t stop there. The back-lit display on the machine also makes it easy to read and easy to work within a variety of different positions.

For workers that need to put their data on another device, the laser measure even works with wireless networks so that you can transfer data from the laser to a tablet or phone.

Stabila hand tools combine accuracy and speed with portability. These tools are durable and consistent enough for industrial-scale production work. And the storage options keep the tools close at hand. Trust Stabila's generations of expertise to deliver the precision you need for professional-looking final results.

Stabila Accessories
For other miscellaneous items that may not fit specifically in any of these categories, Stabila Accessories may have what you’re looking for. One of the top-sellers includes the Stabila Level Case. Since some of the level sets or individual levels may not also come with a case, customers always have the option to purchase one separately. Given how tricky the storage of levels can be, investing in a Stabila case may work to your advantage.

This particular level case is meant to be versatile. Accommodating sizes from torpedo and pocket levels to 48 inches long, you can fit any Stabila level inside. With a high-quality polyester construction, this durable case can withstand more extreme temperatures and weather while still protecting the level inside.

Not only will the bright yellow with this case provide more visibility and make the case easier to spot, but since it’s made from polyester, all you need to do is fold the case up when you’re done with it. In some circumstances, you may even be able to fit multiple levels inside the case. While the large pocket may be better suited for large 48-inch levels, some of the smaller levels can go inside the tinier pockets. These multi pockets can come in handy if you know you're going to need different sizes at the jobsite.

Why Buy Stabila Tools?
Although Stabila may be known for providing high-quality tools that last the test of time, that’s not the only thing they excel at. Unlike some companies, which may force you to pay outrageous shipping fees, Stabila does their best to offer free shipping on a variety of different levels, tape measures, hand tools, power tools, level cases, and accessories.

Some items, like rulers or tape measures, may even come with a 30-day warranty so that you can make sure there are no manufacturer defects before you commit to a purchase. Even if the issue isn’t directly related to a manufacturer defect, you can still reach out to Stabila’s customer service team if you have a question. While every tool is designed to be user-friendly and uncomplicated to use, expert tools like laser measures or laser levels can still be tricky to operate.

While they may not be the only brand out there, it’s no surprise why customers choose to trust Stabila products or Stabila sales.