Southwire Voice, Data and Video

Southwire™ voice, data and video (VDV) tools and testers deliver the performance needed to install new cables and equipment or troubleshoot existing systems. Southwire data crimpers have dies that handle multi-conductor coax and twisted-pair network or phone cable, and Southwire VDV stripping and cutting tools have strong, hardened-steel jaws that create clean cuts. Trace cable paths in walls or ceilings with Southwire cable mappers and isolate faulty connections with continuity testers.
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Creating a reliable and sturdy bond between cables and connectors or jacks is a crucial part of any VDV-related task. Southwire cable strippers for coax have two-level cutters and automatic length controls. They produce clean cuts that expose the right amount of each conductor, ensuring a tight connector fit. Ratcheting Southwire wire crimpers have multiple dies that attach RJ45 data and RJ11, RJ12 and RJ22 voice connectors to twisted pair cable. Radial wire strippers give you precise control over cutting depth. They're ideal for making custom cuts or when installing non-standard equipment. The double-molded handles on Southwire data crimpers and strippers provide a comfortable grip. Southwire hand tools have a limited lifetime warranty.

Troubleshooting VDV issues requires test equipment that is accurate and delivers results you can use. Southwire testers have backlit screens and color-coded LCDs that show information in an easy-to-understand format you can see in dim lighting. Use cable testers to identify open connections, shorts, reversed conductors and more, and trace connections between wall outlets with Southwire cable mappers. Most mappers and work with both twisted pair and coax cable and come with testing remotes that help you isolate individual cable runs. Port covers and rugged double-molded housings protect Southwire VDV testing equipment from dust and impacts.

Southwire data crimpers, strippers and testing gear have the features VDV technicians and do-it-yourselfers need to install cable, connect phone , computer or video equipment or troubleshoot and repair problems. Find the tools and testers you need for your next VDV project when you explore our selection of Southwire tools and accessories.
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