Southwire Drivers

Southwire™ drivers handle almost any fastener installation or removal task. Individual nut or bolt drivers are ideal for specific jobs, while multi-bit tools save space in your toolbox. Enhance the capabilities of your shop with a versatile Southwire nut driver set, or take on challenging jobs with specialized tools such as insulated or screw-holding drivers.

Construction sites and workshops are punishing environments, and Southwire tools deliver reliable performance under these conditions. Steel driver shafts are durable and won't deform under high torque. Wide flanges that extend into the handle material create a solid shaft anchor that won't twist while you work. Precision-machined black phosphate screwdriver tips provide a secure grip on Phillips or flat screw heads. The shafts of Southwire nut drivers are hollow, providing the clearance needed to install nuts on long fasteners. All Southwire hand tools come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Southwire products are durable, but they also have features that enhance usability. Most Southwire drivers have rubberized, cushioned handles that offer a secure grip, so you can apply the torque needed to install or remove long fasteners. Clear markings on the end of each tool's handle identify the bit size and type, making it easy to find the equipment you need for the task at hand. Folding Southwire hex drivers easily fit in a pocket or tool bag.

Some fastening jobs have unique requirements. Stub-shaft Southwire screwdrivers reach fasteners in tight places, and tools with magnetic or screw-holder tips secure nuts or screws in place while you work. Crank shaft drivers allow one-handed operation and reduce hand fatigue. Southwire insulated tools protect workers from currents of up to 1,000V, enhancing safety.

Fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts are a familiar part of any construction or repair job. Southwire drivers combine a broad range of tip types with durable tool construction and features that reduce hand fatigue. Take on almost any fastening task with a selection of versatile drivers from Southwire.