Installing power or network cables in existing walls and conduits or new construction can be challenging. Southwire™ cable-pulling solutions offer a broad range of tools and accessories that simplify these tasks. Pull or push wires through EMT or PVC conduit with Southwire fish tapes and sticks or take on larger jobs with heavy-duty Southwire poly line and Maxis® powered cable feeders. Pulling grips hold cables securely while you work, and Clevis swivels prevent twisting and tangling on long cable runs.
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Featuring SIMpull™ spun polymer leaders, Southwire fish tapes are lighter than steel products and more flexible than fiberglass tapes. They glide through narrow joints and tight curves. Many models are non-conductive, so you can use them to run wires over existing power lines safely. In situations that require a rigid pulling solution, Southwire fish sticks combine the strength of fiberglass with interchangeable heads that offer a variety of cable connections. Many Southwire fish tapes and sticks glow in the dark. They're easy to spot inside crowded junction boxes or existing walls.

Large-scale cable installations often require mechanical pulling aids such as tripods and powered cable pullers. Adjustable Southwire tripods are easy to set up in just a few minutes and provide a stable base for Southwire cable pullers, which deliver up to 7,000 pounds of continuous force and offer multiple pulling speeds. Southwire also makes self-contained cable pullers with adjustable roller arms that work at almost any angle. They feature forklift tubes and locking casters that enhance mobility and are small enough to fit through most doorways, making them ideal for indoor pulling jobs.

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer adding a wall outlet to your home, a professional electrician wiring a newly constructed building or a network technician working outdoors, Southwire cable pulling products give you the tools and accessories needed to handle the task at hand. Explore our selection of cable pulling equipment and find Southwire fish tapes, pulling accessories and powered pullers to simplify your next wire or cable installation job.