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Electrical and voice, data and video (VDV) contractors use specialized equipment to handle installation and repair jobs. Southwire™ tools, testing gear and contractor equipment meet these challenges. Products include hand tools to cut or strip wire or manipulate small parts and fasteners, pulling equipment for indoor or outdoor cable installation tasks and testing gear that speeds up troubleshooting. Rugged Southwire hand tools and equipment handle the harsh conditions found on jobs sites and feature generous warranties.

Stripping wire, cutting conduit and cable, making connections and installing components are everyday tasks for electricians and VDV contractors. The broad range of Southwire pliers, strippers, saws, drivers and multifunction tools perform these jobs quickly. Southwire drivers and cutters feature durable steel construction that delivers reliable performance and most have contoured double-molded handles that reduce hand fatigue and provide a sure grip.

Troubleshooting electrical and VDV problems efficiently requires testing equipment that is accurate and easy to use. Southwire electrical tools put a broad range of tests into your hands. Controls with easy-to-read labels make test setup simple, and backlit LCDs display results clearly when you're working in low-light conditions. Select Southwire multimeters and clamp meters offer Bluetooth® connectivity. Link them to your smartphone and perform tests remotely, record results and share them with coworkers using Southwire's MApp™ software.

Installing cable in conduit or underground is challenging, and Southwire tools and pulling accessories have features that simplify this task. Southwire bits, punches and dies cut through drywall, wood or metal, and Southwire levels and measuring tools ensure installations are located correctly. Manipulate wires in walls and ceilings with Southwire glow-in-the-dark fish sticks and pull cable over existing wiring with nonconductive SIMpull™ Southwire fish tapes that feature kink- and break-resistant polymer leaders. Motor-driven cable pullers deliver the power needed to handle long cable runs indoors or underground.

Southwire hand tools, contractor gear and test equipment take on the challenges faced by electrical and VDV professionals and home enthusiasts. Equip yourself with Southwire tools and accessories and be prepared for your next project.