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SKILSAW® is an innovator on the world power tool stage. Known for high power and exceptional speed, they offer saws that can cut wood and other common materials.

Skilsaw invented the portable circular saw, which lets you make fast rips in boards of virtually any size. It's also ideal for cutting lumber for framing and other applications. Their powerful motors feature the Dual-Field™ design, which provides incredible power and keeps the tool cool to prevent overheating. Skilsaw's innovative worm drive saws deliver outstanding torque to speed up cuts in hard material.
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These power saws have ergonomic True Grip™ handles so you can work comfortably and maintain control as you cut. The SIDEWINDER™ circular saw line is lightweight and simple to handle. Magnesium casings provide rugged durability so they last for years. Their footplates feature high-visibility designs that let you see where you're cutting for more accurate results. The design kicks particulates out of your line of sight for precision and safety, giving you a clear view of the project at hand.

For extra convenience, Skilsaws often come with either their own branded blades or ultra-sharp, durable Diablo blades to make jobs go quickly. Each comes in several sizes so you can select the smallest, most lightweight tool that's still large enough to make the cuts that you need. Cut Ready™ saws let you adjust the depth for precise and safe cuts. Those with bevel capacity let you cut at an angle for molding, joins or decorative pieces.

Skilsaw tools let you cut every piece of your project at an incredible speed. They're all protected by the Stay True™ guarantee, which provides a one-year limited warranty and a 180-day money-back guarantee. Check out our wide selection of Skilsaw tools to find the one you need today.
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