Skil Power Tool Accessories

About Skil Power Tool Accessories
From bits and blades to rip fences, these Skil power tool accessories deliver. Keep your tools in top shape by outfitting them with the fixtures and fittings they need to consistently perform at their best.

Variety of Saw Blades
Whether you're building your own stockpile of specialty blades or simply want a durable, jack-of-all-trades blade, Skil offers a variety of saw blades designed to execute safe, smooth cuts. Skil circular saw blades come in a variety of sizes, and each one features cutting-edge technology. (No pun intended.) Their carbide teeth are 60 times more durable than steel blades.

Blade Sets for Circular, Band, Reciprocating, and Floor Saws
Skil also offers blade sets for a variety of tools, including circular, band, reciprocating, and floor saws. These convenient bundles let you perform quick, clean cuts through an assortment of building materials.

Adjustable Fences and Guides
Skil fences and guides help you achieve controlled, straight cuts time after time. Because they're adjustable, they allow for consistently precise measurements, and they're designed to fit more than a dozen models of Skil saws.

Other Skil Accessories
There's more to Skil accessories than saws, though. Skil screwdriver bit sets include bit inserts in a multitude of sizes, so you're ready to tackle virtually any project around the home or job site. Replacement grit sandpaper sets sport clog-resistant aluminum oxide grains and hook-and-loop backing. Angled to fit most Skil sanding belts, these heavyweight paper options let you finish wooden or painted surfaces that would be otherwise difficult to reach.

Why Buy Skil Power Tool Accessories?
Founded in 1927, Skil quickly made a name for itself as a leader in tools. Its Model 77 saw, developed in 1937, has been the industry standard for circular saws for close to a century. Today, the company sits at the forefront of power tool innovation and technology.