Let us help you in keeping your work area clean both during and after your projects with Shop Vac® tools. With the wide selection of machines, we provide options to accessorize your vacuum for any job. Keep them up-to-date with replacement parts to maintain your Shop Vac shop vacuums.

As the epitome of dust management, Shop Vac brings you a variety of different models and designs to accommodate the messes you need clean. Tidy up the front office of your shop by attaching the right Shop Vac vacuum filters, leaving it free from dust. Accommodate your wet and dry messes to keep you prepared for any scenario with just one machine. For messes that are a little bigger than the average day at the shop, choose an industrial-grade vacuum to take on these tough messes. Outdoor messes are no problem either with Shop Vac tools, using built-in pumps that remove water from areas as small as a fish tank or as big as a swimming pool.

To accompany the Shop Vac tools and vacuums, look through the array of Shop Vac vacuum attachments to customize it to the job at hand. Round brushes clean up softer surfaces like curtains with their delicate bristles, whereas utility nozzles help to clean out upholstery in your car or along other seamed surfaces. Some places are hard to reach, but not with a hose extension that fits under furniture and between stationary equipment. Remember to replace the Shop Vac filters to make sure their performance remains consistent and thorough.

We know that keeping your garage tidy is important during your different assignments and jobs. With everything clean and organized, it becomes easier to locate your tools and appear presentable to visitors. Add to your collection of Shop Vac tools for general cleaning in your garage and to make room for your latest endeavor.