Senco® has been making high-quality fasteners and fastening tools for nearly 60 years now, and it shows. Their top-of-the-line quality control, as well as key innovations in faster design and driver construction, has made them a respected name in the contracting community. When it comes to framing and construction, Senco tools can help you get the job done faster, and make your work last longer.

All 750 varieties of Senco fasteners are held to the highest standards. One key difference between Senco fasteners and their competitors is Sencote, a special coating applied to all the hardware in their catalog. When a fastener is driven, the friction causes Sencote to liquefy, acting as a lubricant for easier driving. Once the fastener is embedded in the material, the Sencote hardens and becomes an adhesive, giving the fastener plenty of extra bite. For fasteners that go in easier and last longer, you can count on Senco.

Senco power tools also bring a new level of convenience to the job site. Their Duraspin collated screw-driving systems allow you to drive dozens of screws in mere seconds while providing precise depth controls for ensuring a consistent result every time. Senco cordless tools, such as their high-powered fusion nailer, also bring enhanced portability to jobs that would typically require a power cord or an air compressor.

Senco air compressors are some of the best in their class. With both oil splash and oil-less models, and an array of sizes and form factors, it's easy to find a compressor that fits your particular application. These compressors will work perfectly with Senco pneumatic tools, for a complete fastening system.

Senco has achieved success by focusing on one thing: manufacturing the finest fasteners and fastening equipment available anywhere. Choose Senco tools to make the work go quicker and the results last longer.