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About SawStop
If you're looking for a table saw brand that gives you the best tools for your job while protecting your hands, look no further than Sawstop. They have been making top-quality saws for construction workers, woodworkers, and DIYers since 1999. The company makes great products that let you do professional work. Better yet, they come with great safety features.

For over 15 years, woodworkers and construction professionals have relied on SawStop for powerful, affordable, and safe table saws.

Unique Safety Technology
The best saws aren’t the ones that can cut through everything. Instead, a table saw should have no problem cutting through materials like wood, metal, and ceramic. But it shouldn’t cut through flesh and bone!

SawStop saws get their name from a safety system that can prevent severe injuries to your hands. They understand that, no matter how careful someone is with a table saw, accidents can happen.

From the company’s early days, SawStop has remained committed to saw safety. All of their saws feature a built-in braking sensor that detects when fingers get too close to the blade. A small electrical signal passes through the blade while you work. If it senses skin, it triggers an aluminum brake that stops the blade’s rotation.

The safety system is the signature feature of SawStop. It’s saved countless folks from serious injuries. If you’re looking for the safest saws available, SawStop is a top-of-the-line choice.

How the Injury Prevention System Protects You
Their injury prevention system has three components:

1. Whenever the saw runs, the safety system runs along with it. Every blade carries an electrical signal. If the signal gets interrupted, the safety system kicks in.

Human skin conducts electricity. The electrical signal in the blade can tell the difference between contact with living tissue versus wood, metal, and other materials. If it detects skin, it engages the safety system.

2. Engaging the safety system applies the brake. SawStop saws use aluminum brakes for maximum stopping power and speed. This lockdown of the spinning blade happens within five milliseconds, so you get a minor cut instead of a major injury.

As the saw shuts down, the blade is driven underneath the table. It’s angular momentum physically prevents sustained contact and additional injury. In addition to driving the blade down, the safety system also automatically cuts power to the motor.

3. After the saw shuts down, you’ll need to reset your saw before using it again. Fortunately, SawStop makes the process easy.

Once you’re ready to get back to work, swap out the cartridge and blade. Reset the saw and keep working. Both are available directly from SawStop to ensure a precise fit and easy replacement process. It should take about five minutes.

Aside from the unique sensor technology, all SawStop have traditional safety features as well, including a blade guard to help prevent accidental contact.

Superb Selection and Quality
No matter your job, SawStop has the power tools that can help you do it right. From table saws and router tables to dust collection tools and accessories, they have what you need. They can even be used for cabinet making and dado cutting. Their tools are crafted by woodworking pros to ensure they will last for years to come.

Table saws are the flagship product from SawStop. They’re mainly used for woodworking, carpentry, and construction. You’ll find options for home and commercial use for projects of practically any size and level of complexity.

Table Saws
SawStop doesn’t make every type of tool under the sun. Instead, they focus exclusively on table saws, including cabinet saws, contractor saws, portable table saws, and related accessories such as blades, brakes, fence systems, and other components.

SawStop is an industry leader. As specialized experts, they deliver saws of the highest quality and performance. They’ve sold tens of thousands of table saws to professionals and hobbyists across North American.

SawStop saws are a popular and reliable choice for woodworking, framing, general construction, masonry, and more. Although they’re most commonly used to cut wood, special blades are available to cut through metal, ceramics, and other materials.

Contractor Saws
They offer a variety of contractor saws available in lengths of 30 inches, 36 inches, and 52 inches. Contractor saws have open, fixed legs and large tables. They’re primarily used to cut large sheets of plywood.

Both the 36-inch and 52-inch models include a t-glide fence system, blade tilt, and miter gauge. You can make quick and accurate cuts without sacrificing safety. Plus, included extension wings allow you to handle large projects with ease. The 30-inch contractor saw has a rail kit and aluminum extrusion fence.

Cabinet Saws
They also have cabinet saws available with 10 inch, 36 inch, and 52-inch blades. Different engine options include 1.75hp, 3hp, 5hp and 7.5hp motors.

Cabinet saws cut large pieces of sheet stock. The process is also called ripping. All SawStop cabinet saws feature cast-iron construction with built-in dust collection, vibration muffling, miter gauges, and optional dado brake cartridges.

Portable Saws
While there’s a certain joy from using your table saw in your shop, it’s not always possible. SawStop portable saws let you work on the jobsite. Fortunately, SawStop has several portable saws that are easy to transport but still deliver precision and power.

Both their Jobsite Table Saw and Jobsite Saw Pro feature mobile cart assembly with two wheels and a handle for easy pulling. The rugged wheels allow you to take the saw across uneven, dirty surfaces easily and without tipping.

Their Jobsite saws include a dust collection system to keep the work area clean. Additional storage space is available in the unit to hold tools and a riving knife.

SawStop has all the accessories, replacement parts, and extras you need to keep your saw in excellent working condition. If you already own a SawStop saw, buying accessories directly from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure they fit safely and securely.

However, even if you don’t own a saw from a different manufacturer, buying SawStop blades and brake cartridges are often recommended because they’re affordable, reliable, and have an excellent reputation for quality.

While SawStop blades are well-made, you still want to replace them fairly frequently. After all, a sharp blade is a safe blade. SawStop has a full range of blades for all of their table saws and portable saws.

Blades are made from either titanium or steel combination. Most blades have 40 teeth, but you can find a fairly substantial selection of 60-tooth blades, too. Blades range in size, but 10 inches is the most common. No matter what SawStop saw you have or material you’re cutting, SawStop blades will help get the job done right.

Brake Cartridges
Brake cartridges are arguably the most important part of any saw. They’re key to your safety. The brake cartridge physically stops the spinning blade if the safety system activates.

Brake cartridges are a “one and done” item. Once the brake cartridge stops the blade, both need replacement.

Never operate a SawStop saw without a brake cartridge. Fortunately, affordable replacements are available through Acme Tools.

A steady, solid workspace helps you make precise, even cuts while minimizing the risk of injury. SawStop’s bases have rugged steel construction with an attractive black powder finish. They create a secure, stable platform even on the unfinished floor of an active jobsite.

Their mobile bases have polyurethane wheels and ball-bearing castors for easy and reliable portability. Not only are they ideal for creating a mobile work area on a jobsite, but they’re also a quick way to move your saw around your home workshop.

SawStop offers any replacement parts you need to maintain or enhance your tables saws. Popular options include replacement rails, blade guards, table inserts, lockdown inserts, and more.

Router Tables
Router tables are stationary machines with a router bit in the middle that spins at high speeds. They play a key role in a variety of woodworking applications. They create grooves, edge trimming, and more.

SawStop has both cast iron and phenolic (synthetic) options. If you frequently work with large pieces of wood, an in-line table is a replacement for the extension table of your cabinet saw. You can also find standalone options.

Dust Collection
Many SawStop saws include built-in dust collectors. However, they also offer additional dust collection options for enhancement and replacement.

Dust collection blade guards add extra collection abilities. They attach to your existing dust collector to collect dust above the table. Plus, the transparent blade cover doesn’t interfere with visibility during operation.

Aside from blade guards, over-arm dust collectors and dust collection panels also help keep your workspace free from floating sawdust. Dust is more than just annoying; it creates fire and health risks. Collection systems help keep you safe.

History of SawStop
Although the technology in the saws is impressive, their real power originates from the people who make them. They work directly with actual users – people just like you – to create saws designed for the real world demands of the jobsite.

SawStop is a proud American company located in Tualatin, Oregon, which is about 30 minutes south of Portland. Their original headquarters was a remodeled barn, and they’ve never lost sight of their small-town roots and pride in their work.

The company first formed in 1999. Back then, it consisted of founder and inventor Dr. Steve Gass plus three of his friends. Although they were small, they had big ideas.

It took the company about five years to finally perfect their safety system. In 2004, they released their first saws to immediate acclaim and have steadily remained successful. Today, they’re the #1 cabinet saw in North America.

However, they’re not content to rest on their past successes. They remain committed to innovation. A major reason for their success is due to a dynamic research and development department. SawStop works closely with users to identify common problems on the job site, and then develop effective solutions.

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