About Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuums
Ridgid wet/dry vacuums offer the same durability and versatility that you’d expect from any Ridgid tool. From the 3-gallon portable to the 16-gallon wet/dry vac equipped with a detachable blower, you can choose the Ridgid vacuum that best fits your needs.
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Available with 3.5Hp to 6.5Hp, Ridgid shop vacuums have reduced noise levels due to the blower wheel and motor design that also maximizes performance. A larger surface area in Ridgid vacuum filters provide a bonus of lasting longer than some other filters and are washable so you can reuse them. As an added feature, Ridgid vacuums come with an automatic shut-off for the suction. This keeps any liquid from overflowing, and you can drain the vacuum more easily.

Ridgid Vacuum Attachments
Additional vacuum attachments include a crevice tool, a tool designed to clean your vehicle, an extension, vacuum hose and a wet nozzle. Ridgid also has an attachment kit that includes seven pieces for auto detailing. It includes hoses, two brushes, crevice tool, claw nozzle and hose to hose adapter to make cleaning your vehicle more convenient.

Ridgid Vacuum Filters
The vacuum filters come in three types. The standard one-layer filter, designed for garage, basement, car or to vacuum up sawdust does a good job on everyday type jobs. The Hi-efficiency filter is useful for fine particles and has three layers to vacuum ashes and fine powders such as drywall and cement dust. The HEPA filter fits Ridgid vacuums that hold 6 gallons or more and filters fine dust.

Why Buy a Ridgid Vacuum?
Ridgid’s wet/dry vacs help you quickly and easily clean up messes of all kinds: saw dust, dirt, spills, and more. Ridgid vacs are durable and ready to put to the test.

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