No plumber's toolkit is complete without a reliable wrench, and RIDGID® plumbing wrenches are built for the professional and the home improvement specialist. All of our wrenches are fabricated from durable materials for long-term wear.
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Ridgid pipe wrenches are a mainstay in any plumber's kit. The full line of Ridgid HD wrenches are fabricated from cast-iron, feature the famous red handle, and have replaceable threads. Adjustable wrenches are also a versatile and important tool for plumbers and anyone who needs to perform common tightening tasks. Aluminum straight pipes and offset wrenches are lighter and smaller than iron pipe wenches. These are useful to carry around in a tool belt for smaller jobs. They are also appropriate for homeowners who don't need to invest in professional-grade tools.

Unusual jobs sometimes require special equipment. Rigdid specialty wrenches help with both new construction and repair of damaged pipes. Compound leverage wrenches can be used on pipes that are immobile from aging and neglect. Remove or replace a bathroom and kitchen sink faucets with a telescopic basin wrench. Use the expanding jaws of an internal wrench for opening and holding your toilet's closet spud.

Ridgid chain and strap wrenches work with many different configurations of pipe for success each time. Strap wrenches are ideal for soft metal or polished, exposed pipe that may be vulnerable to bending or scratching. Chain wrenches have a ratcheting action that can help loosen wider pipes, and may the best solution in tight quarters.

The full line of Ridgid plumbing wrenches can help you perform a number of tasks. Ridgid backs up their entire tool line with a lifetime guarantee against defects due to materials and craftsmanship. Browse our full selection of Ridgid pipe wrenches today to find the tool that best meets your needs.
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