When it comes to moving or removing water from a well, your basement, or even mud from the street, there is no better tool than a pump. This particular machine is a plumber’s best tool as well as anyone who has to get into repairs on a flooded or contaminated area. Pumps are a useful tool that uses pressure to suck and pull water and distribute it to an appropriate area.

For moving water, in general, that is debris free you can use a water pump or utility pump. Water from lakes or flooded areas that may have debris in them you would need a trash pump or a sump pump. They allow for pebbles, twigs, and other small fragments to pass through with no issue. If the water you are dealing in has corrosive or abrasive components inside you will need a chemical pump or diaphragm pump to remove the water. Those pumps are ready to withstand materials such as salt from the slush on a snowy road or a pond with multiple contaminants.

There are various types of pumps which can handle different jobs and knowing which one you need is crucial to your decision. Do you need one to prevent flooding in your basement? Is your basement already flooded? Are you in need of a supply of water for your plants using your well? Will the pump have to be submersible? These are questions that you have to ask yourself before buying any pump because not all are made equal. Their designs and power vary on the viscosity and the type of liquids they may encounter. But each one will make your job and your life easier.

Pumps are used daily in either preventive or aiding measures at home, by private businesses, and even cities themselves. Knowing which one you need will help you get the best one for your particular purpose. From removing grey water from your RV, cleaning your patio with high pressured water, to even watering your plants, there are options to choose from to help get any task done.