Powermatic Saws

POWERMATIC® saws are the backbone of the arsenal of Powermatic tools for prepping, cutting, shaping and finishing wood and woodworking pieces. The saws consist of panel saws, table saws and band saws. Each features industry-leading construction, precision and power.

Featuring 10-inch or 14-inch blades, Powermatic table saws are driven by motors with variable horsepower specific to job site needs. All table saws have either 30, 50 or 52-inch extensions to hold extra-long stock. These saws operate efficiently with Poly-V drive belts, and a wide-bodied, overbuilt trunnion raises and positions the blade effortlessly. Convenient push-button arbor locks and quick-release blade guards and riving knives that prevent kickback and binding also add to the efficiency and safety of Powermatic table saws. Precision cuts are ensured with a micro-adjustable miter gauge and Powermatic's industrial-grade Accu-Fence® that aligns material to the blade and squares it to the table.

Versatile Powermatic panel saws take these capabilities to the vertical level, providing an upright platform for ripping and crosscutting wide plywood or wood panels. The panel saw rides smoothly on a carriage of stainless-steel guide tubes and eight roller assemblies, and counterweights let you load stock wherever the carriage is positioned, enhancing repeat cuts. Panel saws also come with an Accu-Fence system to enhance cutting precision.

Heavy-duty Powermatic band saws feature industry-leading operating and positioning mechanisms. Cast-iron, computer-balanced drive wheels minimize vibration, and dual, micro-adjustable upper and lower bearing guides maintain precise blade control. These band saws also offer rack-and-pinion table tilt at 45 degrees right and 10 degrees left, as well as a T-slot miter gauge for intricate cutting. A Carter™ tensioning, de-tensioning and release system makes it easy to track and change blades.

Powermatic saws are industry leaders for all cutting needs. Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction and an Accu-Fence system ensure ultimate cutting precision, and a variety of operating features provide cutting efficiency. Choose from this selection when you need a professional woodworking tool.