Powermatic Drill Presses

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POWERMATIC® drill presses have the durability you need for your toughest woodworking projects. These powerful machines are also simple to operate. Their intuitive controls help you drill holes at any angle, without any extra steps.
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Like Powermatic saws, these drills rely on heavy-duty bases to reduce vibrations. Their cast-iron components keep materials stable when you power on your machine, and their fence systems provide additional support for your stock. These fences attach to the table of your Powermatic drill press to prevent materials from sliding out of place. You can adjust the position of the fence with hand wheels located at the end of the piece. A larger handle moves the quill itself. One rotation drives the quill down six inches at a time. You can mount this handle on either side of your Powermatic drill press for right or left-handed access.

Powermatic drill presses are also designed for safety. Like many other tools from this brand, including Powermatic shapers, these machines have keyed ignitions which prevent unauthorized access. The drill presses have mechanical speed variations, too. You don't have to change the belts when you want to drill at higher or lower speeds. With these Powermatic variable speed drill presses, digital readouts show precisely how fast the spindle moves. This helps you create precise hole sizes without ripping through materials. Adjustable depth stops provide even more consistency. Once you set your desired depth, you can reproduce the same hole dimensions again and again.

These machines produce the same cut accuracy you expect from Powermatic tools. They have built-in laser pointers to show where the bit will strike your stock, and they have onboard lighting systems to illuminate the work area. Powermatic drill presses often include two separate LED bulbs, so you don't cast shadows over one side of your stock.

These robust systems have intuitive controls. With mechanical speed controls and keyless bit changes, you can tackle your toughest woodworking projects with these Powermatic variable speed drill presses.
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