Powerblanket® manufactures industrial-quality temperature control solutions for a range of work environments. They use the latest technology to create warmers for cylinders, totes and ground surfaces. These material handling tools are ideal for multiple applications, from concrete to oil and gas. You can use these products for both concrete curing and material storage.

Powerblanket concrete blankets allow users to effectively cure concrete in all temperatures. These blankets cover the work surface to cure the concrete 2.8 times faster than without a blanket. As with their other solutions, these blankets also help ensure ACI compliance on your build site. The company's Xtreme™ barrel and drum products work in temperatures as cold as -60 degrees F, and they provide higher-watt heating solutions than standard Powerblanket and Powerblanket Lite options. Powerblanket cubical and bulk heating tools serve a range of industrial uses. Their gas cylinder heaters heat evenly across the entire surface to ensure optimum material usage. These tools include UL and CE certifications, and they all use GreenHeat™ technology.

Powerblanket makes pipe wraps, too. These heaters warm pipes and prevent freezing during winter months. Like their other material handling tools, these warmers install quickly and allow for seasonal protection in the coldest environments. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional, you can use their heaters to protect your home or work site against pipe bursts in areas as cold as -40 degrees F.

Upgrade to Powerblanket for material handling and seasonal protection. These products allow you to more effectively control material usage in cold environments. They also ensure faster, more effective concrete cures in a wide range of temperatures. Choose the options you need to protect your equipment and materials. Powerblanket material handling tools come in a range of shapes and sizes to maximize performance for many different applications.