Porter-Cable® produces tools for busy pros and hobbyists who want consistent results for every task. Whether you're refinishing an old dresser, or building a custom deck, you need a reliable sander to get an even, flat surface. Porter-Cable sanders offer the versatility to complete all of your woodworking projects with professional looking results.
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To get rid of the most surface material on each pass, Porter-Cable belt sanders have powerful motors to remove all types of coatings and treat rough, unfinished wood. Choose from a variety of standard belt sizes for smaller and larger jobs. Many belt sanders have flat designs on each side so you can sand right up to the edge of a parallel board. Dust removal systems help keep work pieces clean while you're sanding.

When you need a bit more finesse and not quite as much raw power, Porter-Cable disc sanders work with softer stock and smaller areas than belt sanders. Random orbital disc sanders offer a bit more power, but not quite as much as a belt sander. Spinning discs create plenty of speed for some stock removal but still provide an ultra-smooth finish. Drywall sanders even up all of your patchwork as soon as it's time to prime and paint.

A Porter-Cable finishing sander is ideal for smaller furniture pieces and more decorative woodwork. You can also use a finishing sander in between coats of polyurethane, so you get a streak-free finish on your furniture or cabinets. A square sheet design lets you sand into corners for best results.

Whether you're honing down raw stock or putting the final touch on a brand new bookshelf, Porter-Cable sanders offer you a wide enough selection so you can complete every project in your shop. Belt sanders provide the most power while finishing sanders give you an elegant finish at the end. Be sure to shop the entire selection of Porter-Cable power tools, so you're always ready for your next job.

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