Porter Cable Routers

Porter-Cable® routers are valuable additions to the tool kits of both professionals and DIYers. These handy tools are ideal for trimming excess material or putting clean edges on countertops or cabinetry. You can also use Porter-Cable routers to mortise insets for hinges and latches or create detailed inlays and scrollwork on wood surfaces.

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Porter-Cable routers consist of two groups. One includes Porter-Cable fixed routers. These rest in a fixed-position base so that the router can be set at a fixed depth. Just attach the router and its base to a workstation to rout wood pieces against a straight-edge guide, or detach it to use it to trim edging with bit template guides or to rout out inlays and channels using optional jigs. The other group consists of Porter-Cable plunge routers, which rest in a spring-loaded base so you can place it on a work surface and plunge the router bit down into your workpiece. Plunge routers are ideal for jobs that require starting in the center of a piece, like inlays or scroll work.

All Porter-Cable routers have high-Amp motors that give the tools plenty of horsepower to do their jobs with precision and ease. Models are available in single speed, variable speed and 5-speed outputs, so you have the full range of rpm necessary for delicate or demanding jobs. Onboard features give you what you'd want in this type of tool, including accurate coarse and fine depth adjustment settings, locking slides to maintain cutting stability while the routers are in a base and quick-release clips for removing them easily. All models also feature ergonomic rubber grips that minimize hand fatigue.

Both fixed routers and plunge routers come in convenient combo packs. These Porter-Cable router kits include both routers in single speed and variable speed versions with different horsepower ranges. Take a deeper look at all the specs of these Porter-Cable routers to see why they should be included in your tool box.
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