Porter-Cable® has been providing the building and home improvement trades with reliable power tools since its inception in 1906. If you're a construction professional or if you like to complete repairs at home, you need dependable equipment that can take whatever you throw at it. Porter-Cable power tools run the gamut from woodworking to minor construction, allowing you to fabricate just about anything in your shop.

Whenever you're hanging drywall or installing your own deck, Porter-Cable drills give you plenty of versatility for a variety of tasks. Powerful variable speed motors provide consistent results. Hammer drills have faster motors and rapid hammering action to bore into masonry, concrete, cinder block or other brittle materials without locking up and stripping your bit.

If you are a busy woodworker, Porter-Cable routers help you cut joinery and fine edges on all of your cabinetry, crown molding and custom furniture. To get a smooth edge or surface for doors and window frames, Porter-Cable planers remove excess material, like old paint and have chamfering grooves for customized details. Make sure to check out the array of Porter-Cable sanders so that you get the ideal finish you want on any woodworking project.

Beef up your carpentry shop with at least one Porter-Cable saw. Orbital jig saws help you cut details into wood while chop and circular saws give you the angles you need on plywood, planks and lumber. Circular saws have bevel scales and pre-set miter detents so you can cut some of the most common angles in woodworking quickly and confidently.

Whether you are a licensed pro, or you just like to make your own home repairs, trust Porter-Cable power tools to help you finish your seemingly endless to-do list. Advanced woodworkers can rely on routers, planers and sanders to give their work just the right touch. All construction and DIY enthusiasts can select from saws, drills and other power tools to make your jobs fast, accurate and fun.