Porter Cable Pneumatic Tools

Porter-Cable® makes professional-grade tools for home improvement specialists and licensed pros. For best results when framing, roofing or hanging crown molding, almost nothing beats the repeatable exactness of air-powered tools. Porter-Cable pneumatic tools pack plenty of force so you can drive finishing nails, brads and staples quickly and effectively on all types of projects.

When you're hanging drywall and framing, speed and control are as important as reliability and accuracy. Brad and finishing Porter-Cable pneumatic nailers provide consistency with plenty of air pressure to make your work go quickly. Adjustable depth controls allow you to change settings on the fly. Variable operating pressures range from at least 70 up to 120 psi for extra-rapid firing when laying roofing shingles or installing baseboards.

For flooring, molding and some furniture applications, Porter-Cable staplers help you attach everything from vinyl siding to upholstery. Top-loading magazines are faster to reload and hold up to 150 staples to decrease downtime. Bump fire triggers also increase operation time, as do tool-free depth control adjustments. Split nose designs on Porter-Cable staplers allow for fast and easy staple removal. Magnesium construction makes these tools both lightweight and durable. Low staple indicators tell you when it's time for a reload before you run out.

Palm nailers give you more finesse when you need superior control and don't want to sacrifice speed. Rear exhaust features keep the air moving away from you. For even more convenience, look for kits that include finish nailers, brad nailers, staplers and a Porter-Cable air compressor.

Porter-Cable pneumatic tools channel plenty of air pressure so you can work quickly without your tools seizing up. Nailers sink brads and finishing nails evenly with tool-less adjustable depth settings for even more convenience. Staplers help you complete woodworking, flooring and furniture-related tasks. Check out the entire line of Porter-Cable products, so you're ready for your next job today.