Pneumatic tools offer distinct advantages over traditional hand tools. One of the most important things is that they deliver a higher psi. Professionals and DIYers who use Porter-Cable® pneumatic tools appreciate this advantage over all others. A pneumatic nailer can drive nails in quickly which is especially helpful for larger jobs such as roofing.

Porter-Cable's line of pneumatic tools includes a group of compact, lightweight and powerful pneumatic nailers. Pneumatic nailers, like their companion Porter-Cable cordless nailers, consist of a variety of guns that fire brads, staples and pins of different lengths and gauges to attach molding, trim pieces and other materials to surfaces. The line also includes a group of finish nailers that fire 15 and 16-gauge nails into baseboard and ceiling molding that requires sturdier finishing.

All Porter-Cable pneumatic nailers operate with variable air pressure that vents away from work surfaces with a rear exhaust system. Each offers trigger safety mechanisms. Some models have a sequential firing trigger with lock switch to prevent fasteners from firing accidentally. Others, such as Porter-Cable pneumatic brad nailers, have a dual primary and secondary safety trigger. Many nailers also have nonmarring nose tips with quick-release systems for removing jams. These nailers have an internal piston catch that ensures full-power firing each time, as well as depth adjustment systems for sinking fasteners properly by length.

The most versatile type of nailing tools are Porter-Cable palm nailers. These triggerless devices strap to your hand and drive the nail when you press down. The palm nailers feature depth-adjustment settings for sinking nails from 1-1/4 to 6-1/2 inches in length, and they come with job-specific nose tips, including finishing, magnetic, wide-nail and hammer tips.

Porter-Cable pneumatic nailers give you the power and precision you need to get finishing jobs done neatly and efficiently. Check them out when you're looking for the right tool to put the bold or delicate finishing touches on a job.