Porter-Cable® cordless tools bring portability to the work site with battery-powered saws, drivers, drills and grinders designed to handle challenging construction and demolition tasks. The lineup includes lightweight and compact tools designed to handle quick tasks in tight spaces, heavy-duty tools that provide all-day performance on the job site, and Porter-Cable cordless tool kits that offer multiple options in a single package. With practical features like built-in LED lights, adjustable operating speeds and comfort grips, Porter-Cable battery-powered tools reduce worker fatigue and improve on-the-job performance. Many of these products also come with the accessories you need to get started on your next project right away.

When you need to drill holes or drive fasteners, choose Porter-Cable cordless drills for the job. Many of these cordless hand tools include features such as high-torque motors with multi-speed gearboxes and variable speed triggers that deliver the precise power control you need. In addition to standard drills, Porter-Cable makes drivers with adjustable clutches that eliminate overdriving and fastener stripping and drills with hammer options for demolition work. For more specialized driving tasks, Porter-Cable cordless impact drivers and nailers offer exceptional performance in a portable and compact package and include many of the same features as other Porter-Cable cordless tools.

Cutting and shaping wood, metal and other materials is one of the most common jobs on the construction or demolition site. Porter-Cable cordless tool kits include grinders, circular and reciprocating saws and jigsaws designed to handle these tasks. Many Porter-Cable cordless saws use standard-sized blades so that you can choose the right configuration for the job. Circular and jigsaws have adjustable beveling shoes that allow angled cuts, reciprocating saws use variable-speed triggers that provide excellent control when free cutting and grinders have powerful motors that handle the toughest shaping and finishing jobs.

Porter-Cable cordless tools combine power with portability so you can finish jobs quickly and easily. Browse the selection of cordless hand tools we offer and find a solution for your next project, or choose a Porter-Cable cordless combo kit and expand the capabilities of your toolbox.