Porter-Cable® blades offer solutions to almost any construction or demolition cutting task. Saws, cutters and planers are some of the most commonly used tools on the job site, and the blades you use in these products determines their capabilities. With the right Porter-Cable blade installed, your tools can cut any material quickly and accurately.
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Circular saws are an excellent choice for cutting jobs that require speed and precision, and Porter-Cable circular saw blades offer plenty of ways to handle these tasks. Metal cutting blades minimize noise and sparks while they cut, and woodworking blades come in many different tooth configurations so you can match cutting characteristics of the material you're using. These Porter-Cable blades have standard-sized arbors, so they fit almost any saw, and most have carbide-tipped teeth that offer exceptional durability. If you need to make plunge cuts that a circular saw can't handle, use a multi-tool fitted with a Porter-Cable cutter blade.

Construction and furniture projects often involve cutting complex shapes or curved edges. Use a jigsaw and a Porter-Cable jigsaw blade to handle these challenging tasks. These products include blades designed for cutting wood or metal. Some have aggressive tooth configurations for fast rough cuts; others are fine-toothed for shaping delicate scrollwork. These Porter-Cable blades have hook-style shanks that are compatible with bayonet saws and jigsaws.

Flat and square boards are a critical part of any woodworking project, and Porter-Cable planer and jointer blades let you shape and level materials before final cutting and assembly. Porter-Cable planer blades have durable carbide teeth that make consistent cuts every time, and 4-inch blades are the ideal size for cutting biscuit slots.

Porter-Cable offers a broad range of blade options for your power tools. Circular saw, cutter and jigsaw blades can make accurate cuts in almost any material, and Porter-Cable planer blades and jointer blades quickly shape and level wood stock for projects that require extra precision. Take a look at our selection of Porter-Cable blades or other Porter-Cable power tool accessories and expand the capabilities of your power tools.

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